Historical Highlights

1972 - The Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act (sections 22a-36 through 22a-45 of the Connecticut General Statutes) was enacted providing for the regulation of inland wetlands and watercourses.

February 26, 1973 - Thompson passed an authorizing ordinance establishing the pre-existing Conservation Commission as Thompson’s inland wetlands agency, which then became known as the Thompson Conservation and Inland Wetlands Commission.

May 20, 1974 - The Commission adopted first wetlands and watercourse regulations.

October 11, 1988 - These regulations were revised establishing a 50-foot buffer/setback from wetlands and watercourse in general and a 100-foot buffer/setback from 10 especially noteworthy wetlands and watercourses based on a report entitled “Town of Thompson Inland Wetland Inventory” dated 1980 (see Documents & Forms, Advice& Resource Information for PDF of document).

April 17, 2005 – The authorizing ordinance was revised creating an Inland Wetlands Commission separating its functions from the Conservation Commission.

March 15, 2006 – The Inland Wetlands Commission revised the regulations redefining the buffer/setback to an upland review area and doubled the distance from 50 feet & 100 feet to 100 feet & 200 feet, respectively.

February 3, 2017 – The authorizing ordinance was revised providing a history of ordinance changes and spelling out the Inland Wetlands Commission’s powers and authority (see Documents & Forms, Rules & Regulations).