Tourtellotte Trust Board of Trustees

In 1906, Mrs. Harriett Arnold Tourtellotte, with the support of her husband Dr. Jacob Francis Tourtellotte, approached Thompson Town officials with a proposal to build a free and public high school and the Town of accepted theie generous offer. The proposed high school, to be named the Tourtellotte Memorial High School (TMHS), would serve two purposes. The first, to stand as a lasting memorial to Dr. and Mrs. Tourtellotte’s daughters. The second, to provide a free, state-of-the art secondary educational facility for the children of Thompson, Connecticut, the Tourtellottes’ home town.

Existing by ordinance enacted by the Town of Thompson on June 11, 2009, the Jacob F. Tourtellotte and Harriett Arnold Tourtellotte Reserve Fund was created to honor the wishes of the original donors at the conclusion of a 100 year endowment.

The Tourtellotte Board of Trustees focus continues, as stated in the original 1909 fund, to insure the Town of Thompson had the financial resources necessary to properly maintain the TMHS building and Memorial Room.

The Board shall consist of seven members:

  • First Selectman of the Town of Thompson
  • Chairperson of the Board of Education of the Town of Thompson
  • Chairperson of the Board of Finance of the Town of Thompson
  • Superintendent of School of the Town of Thompson
  • President of the Tourtellotte Memorial High School Alumni Association
  • President of the Thompson Historical Society
  • Finance Director of the Town of Thompson

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Board Members

Joe Iamartino


Orla McKiernan-Raftery

Treasurer & Secretary


Melinda A. Smith


Kathleen Herbert


Thomas M. Angelo


Robert Werge Jr.