Planning & Development

Mission Statement

Provide a friendly environment to effectively guide business and individuals through the zoning and subdivision process, serve as a point of contact for economic development while preserving, protecting and improving our water resources and maintaining the existing qualities of our rural environment.

What We Do

  • Process all zoning reviews & permits
  • Process all applications that go before the Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Process all applications that go before the Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Process all requests that go before the Small Cities (Redevelopment) Commission
  • Receive and investigate zoning complaints for potential violation
  • Provide interpretation for zoning and subdivision regulations
  • Point of contact for economic development inquiries
  • Apply for State and Federal grant funding
  • Administer and monitor grant funded projects
  • Oversee all long-term planning initiatives
  • Oversee the implementation of the Town's Plan of Conservation and Development
  • Oversee conservation efforts and ensure protection of the Town's valuable resources
  • Oversees the protection of the Town's wetland resources, assists residents and developers wishing to develop within regulated areas and enforce the Town's Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Planning Director Contact the Selectmen's Office: (860) 923-9561
Marla Butts Wetland Agent
Carolyn Werge Conservation Officer
Cynthia Dunne Zoning Enforcement Officer
Tyra Penn-Gesek Director of Planning and Development