River Mill BAR Grant

Brownfield Area-Wide Revitalization Program Video

Project Overview

In 2018, the Town of Thompson received a $170,000 Brownfield Area Wide Revitalization (BAR) Grant from the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, and a $17,000 cash match from River Mill Redevelopment, LLC – the private developer that is working to renovate and redevelop the River Mill Property at 929 Riverside Drive. The BAR Grant will help the Town develop a comprehensive implementation plan for the remediation and redevelopment of the “BAR Project Area” – a portion of Thompson that comprises much of the villages of Grosvenordale and North Grosvenordale – the most populated district in Town, and the center of civic, commercial and industrial activity. The BAR Grant will allow the Town to build synergies between many pieces of the cultural and natural environment and help to leverage public and private investments in key properties. In particular, the BAR project will enhance the redevelopment success of two key historic industrial areas: the former Belding-Corticelli Mill site at 630 Riverside Drive, and the River Mill Complex at 915-929 Riverside Drive.
BAR Grant Project Priorities


The Thompson BAR Grant has four key tasks, designed to promote reuse and redevelopment of area brownfield properties, incentivize private investment, and promote public participation in the planning process. These tasks include:

Checkmark Site Assessment of Key Properties
Phase II and Phase III Environmental Investigations of 915 Riverside Drive – a key property for the River Mill Redevelopment and the entire BAR Grant Project Area.

Checkmark Comprehensive Traffic and Pedestrian Study
Plan and design improvements to the safety and convenience of vehicular and pedestrian traffic; develop a plan for adequate parking for the revitalized River Mill and associated businesses and residences.

Checkmark Zoning Revision to Promote Redevelopment
Create an Overlay or “Floating” District to promote mixed-use redevelopment in the mill villages of the BAR Grant area.

Checkmark Community Visioning
Continue robust public involvement; plan a future that provides economic stimulus and community improvement projects for the benefit of current and future residents and visitors.