Building Office

What We Do

Throughout your building project & home improvement needs, the Building Department is here to serve the residents & contractors of the Town & beyond...from the beginning when a permit application is submitted, through the project's required inspections, until the Certificate of Occupancy is issued...our Department is here to answer any questions & guide you through the permitting & building process with as much knowledge, guidance & service that we can offer with Public Safety our main priority. The 2015 Series of the I.R.C. Building Codes were adopted 10-01-2018.

  • Process All Building Permit Applications                                 
  • Schedule All Inspections for the Building Official                     
  • Review Structural Plans for Conformance with Codes 
  • Process All Driveway Permit Applications                               
  • Schedule All Inspections for the Fire Marshal                           
  • Review Site Plans for Conformance with Codes
  • Process All TWPCA Permit Applications                                 
  • Advise & Refer Land Use Projects for Zoning & Wetlands         
  • Perform All Requested Inspections
  • Process Most NDDH Permit Applications (that involve building permit activity)                   
  • Flood Plain Manager         

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Terry Bellman Building Official
John Nolle Assistant Building Official
Donna Hall Secretary / Clerk