Mission Statement

To effectively discover, value and list all taxable property within the Town annually to include real estate, personal property & motor vehicle assessments.

What We Do

  • Establish assessed values for all real property in the Town
  • Document & verify transfers of real property
  • Process veteran exemptions
  • Process homeowner credits for the elderly & disabled
  • Process renter rebates for the elderly & disabled
  • Oversee the revaluation process
  • Maintain a record of sales for comparables
  • Maintain tax maps through GIS
  • Make property cards accessible to the public
  • Discover and value personal property
  • Value motor vehicles received as unpriced from DMV
  • Process adjustments to motor vehicles sold, totaled or moved out of state

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Paul Hopkins Assessor, CCMA II
Maggie Houlihan Secretary / Clerk