Questions & Answers - Ask Me Anything 3/4/2020

Compiled by ZEO


MARCH 4, 2020


Bates Auto, 65 Linehouse Road -Business

65 and 77 Linehouse Road – illegally parked automobile.

ZEO Comments

Gave an overview of the progress of the potential sale of 64 Linehouse Road

Explained the ongoing process of removing all the automobiles from 65 and 77 Linehouse Rd.

Gave them my contact number and told them to call me anytime to check on the progress of the sale and removal of unregistered vehicles.

Corner of Wilsonville and Lowell Davis Road – concerned citizen questioned the safety of the structure and the person living in the structure.

ZEO Comments – told them we do not have a blight regulation but I will take a look at the structure and then referred issue to the Building Department.

Citizen recommend I go look at the development on Courthouse road, it is a well planned street.

Residence near 0 Pompeo Road inquired as to the Variance Application for front setback that is coming before the ZBA on Monday, March 9, 2020.

ZEO Comments- I drew a diagram of the building lot and gave them the explanation as to why they needed to apply to the ZBA for a variance.

Donna Barrett

Inquired on the process of a Blight Ordinance. And wanted to know how she can proceed with a petition,  asking for a Blight Committee, to submit to the Board of Selectmen I told her I would pass that on to the Selectmen’s Office.

Does not understand why a solar company will not install a solar ground mount.  The Solar Company said they would do a roof mount but not a ground mount.

Alvin (who was representing the PZC Commission) stated that the customer has to pay for the total cost of a ground mount installation.

Resident talked about a junkyard near 198 Pompeo Road.

ZEO Comments – will look into area.

South Shore Road – Resident questioned what is being done about property abutting a paper street.

ZEO Comments – Resident Blake is researching the possibility of purchasing property to increase his lot size in back of property.

Inland/Wetland Chairman Charles Obert inquired about a permit for 484-486 Quaddick Town Farm Road.

ZEO Comments – This is an active alleged violation issue with the Zoning Office.

Edward Koistenern – inquired if there is a regulation on the time of day or amount of rounds someone can shoot at a shooting range. 

ZEO Comments – This is not a Zoning Issue.  But I will research the ordinances to see if they address this activity.