June is Dog Licensing Month


All dog licenses for the year expire on June 30. In order to continue to maintain social distancing requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage renewals on-line and new registrations by mail.    If your pet's rabies certificate is current and you've registered them previously you may register on-line Here.  Be sure to have last year's tag number available.
However we are open to in-person registrations.

For your information:  Dogs who are six months old or older are required to be licensed.  In order to register your dog they must have a current rabies certificate.  At the time of registration you must also provide proof if your dog has been altered (neutered/spayed). 

We would like to use this opportunity to have you check your information in the Name & Address section as well as the Phone, Dog Name, Breed, Color, Birth Year and Sex columns to make sure we have accurate information.  (In the Sex column, N = Male-Neutered and S = Female-Spayed).  If any of this information is incorrect, please make the change on the renewal notice and return it with your payment for renewal if renewing by mail. 

You may reach us at townclerk@thompsonct.org or by calling 860-923-9440.