Revaluation Notice

In accordance with Connecticut State Statute the town’s mandated 5-year revaluation has been completed. Notices have been mailed and all taxpayers should receive one for each real estate property owned. Please review your new assessment. Although questions may be asked by calling the Assessor’s office, appointments for informal hearings must be made with Vision Appraisal directly as shown on the notice. Property record cards are available through Vision Appraisal or the town’s website ( If you do not have computer access, you can also receive a copy by contacting the Assessor’s office. Please respond promptly if you would like an appointment. All appointments will be held at the Thompson Library in reserved rooms.

Additionally, if you do not receive a notice by December 10th, please call the Assessor’s office to make sure your mailing address is correct. Your bank will not receive this notice. Several original data mailers have been returned undeliverable for those who have an escrow account or are non-residents.

Overall real estate sales have been on the rise and, therefore, new values have increased. The new total grand list for October, 2019, along with a new approved budget, will be used to determine the mill rate for the 2020 tax bills.

Thank you to all residents for your cooperation throughout this lengthy process.