Transfer Station Updates

Updated April 8

Updated April 8, 2020
As of late the Covid-19 virus has become a stronger threat here in Northeastern Connecticut. As this situation has grown, all entitees of our municipal system have employed different precautions to protect our staff and residents.

The Transfer Station has temporarily suspended all monetary transactions until this virus has cleared. The swap shed and the Boy Scouts bottle and can shed have temporarily been closed. Also, all fundraising functions have been temporarily suspended. All of these actions are to help ensure the health and safety of our employees and of the residents that utilize our services.

Today, members of the Board of Selectmen have voiced concern over the amount of people that are in the Transfer Station at one time. Many ideas were discussed including putting a limit on how many vehicles are allowed in at one time. I personally fear that doing this would only create a larger public safety concern in the form of traffic backing up on Pasay Rd. Other options are either extremely limiting or just not feasible.

Instead, perhaps our residents can help to dissolve the issue and help us maintain our Governor's social distancing order.

If you are currently not reporting to work during the week and would normally utilize the Transfer Station on Saturday, perhaps you could go Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday when we are typically less busy. This could essentially reduce the amount of people to those who can only go on Saturday due to being at work Monday through Friday. I know it doesn't seem like much but I'm sure there's enough of us that don't absolutely have to go there on Saturday. Again, more restrictions is what we are trying to avoid.

Also, please remember that we will be closed this Friday April 10th due to the Good Friday Holiday. Thank you all, and stay safe!

Updated March 24, 2020

We would like to announce some temporary restrictions that will be put in place at the Transfer Station. We intend to still operate for our normally scheduled hours, but we must reduce some products for now.

In an effort to reduce human contact at the Transfer Station we will temporarily not be accepting items that would require a charge. In order to keep our operations running we need to limit the chances of our employees getting sick. Contact through exchanges of money, checks and receipts could put Town employees and resident's at risk.

For at least the next 4 weeks the following items will be accepted:

Normal Household trash

Recyclable products such as Plastics, Paper, Cardboard, Glass, Tin cans and Metal.

Brush, leaves, and grass clippings

Waste oil, Antifreeze, Fluorescent bulbs, Batteries, Mercury products, Paint, Mattresses, and Electronics will also continue to be accepted.

Non- Accepted items will include:

All Bulky Waste, ie; Furniture, wood, large plastic items, rugs, etc.

Freon containing Appliances, Tires and Propane Tanks will also not be accepted at this time.

If there are any questions about these items please refer to your Transfer Station pamphlet. If it is an item you would have to pay extra for at the gate, we are not currently accepting it.

Also, this does not mean you should try to bag more items and throw it in the compactor. If the compactors go down and repairs aren't able to be made as parts may not be available currently, the Transfer station will be forced to close.

Please understand that we are looking out for the health and safety of our resident's and employee's at this time. As soon as the danger subsides we will resume normal operations. Thank you all for your understanding in this difficult time.