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Thompson Together


Contact:  Beth Goldsmith
Phone:  860-576-1338
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

What is Thompson Together all about?  We are a diverse group of Thompson residents working together to organize fun events, accomplish projects, or address a need within Thompson that benefits all residents of our town.  Do you have an idea for an event or a project that you’d like to see happen within our town?  If so, give us a call to share your idea.  We are always looking for new members, new ideas, or even just volunteers interested in helping at one or more of our events. 

Here is a list of our current activities:  (see more details further down the page)

  1. River Mill Village Playground
  2. Cemetery  reclamation, mapping, and inventory project
  3. Neighborhood Watch
  4. Dodge ball tournament (annually in February)
  5. Roadside and river clean-up (annually in April)
  6. Town-wide tag sale (annually in June)
  7. Thompson Community Day (annually in September)
  8. River Mill Village Playground Project

Thompson Together (TT) is working with volunteers and the Town of Thompson to renovate a playground in River Mill Village.  Fundraising efforts and donations from local businesses and individuals have allowed us to accomplish the following:

  1. Site work has been completed.
  2. Playground surfacing material has been purchased and installed.  (Hull Forest Products donated approximately half of the material.)
  3. Chain link fence has been purchased and installed.  (Approximately half of the fencing was donated by Merc Robbins.)
  4. A small playscape donated by Mary R. Fisher Elementary School has been installed by volunteers.
  5. Next on the list is the purchase and installation of a swing set.

Take a drive by and see how the play area has improved. While we’ve already accomplished a lot, we still have a long way to go to acquire all the parts for the playscape for the 40 or so children living in the neighborhood.  Won’t you consider making a donation to help us?  Please call the number above for more information.

Cemetery Project

TT is supporting an effort by volunteers to improve the condition of Thompson’s cemeteries.  Did you know that Thompson has over 20 cemeteries?  These are taken care of by individuals, committees, and some by the Town.  Many have fallen into disrepair, and volunteers are needed to step forward to help with this very worthwhile cause.  Interested people should call the number above.

Neighborhood Watch

In response to recent increases in vandalism and crime, our group is partnering with the Town to help interested citizens learn more about Neighborhood Watch.  TT can provide literature and advice on forming a group or increasing your own knowledge of security steps to take around your home.  We can even come talk with you and your neighbors about how you might work together to make your neighborhood a safer place.  Call us at the number above for more information.

Dodge ball tournament (annually in February)

 A fun event that grows in popularity each year, classmates, friends, families, and even co-workers are forming teams to join in.  This event has got it all – creative team uniforms, enthusiastic spectators, exciting competition, and raffle drawings.  Come out for an evening of fun and exercise. Even if you’re not a player, we welcome you to volunteer for a few hours of ticket-taking and snack-selling while you watch the games.  Call us to help out with this fun evening.

April Roadside and River Clean-up (annually in April)

Now in it’s 12th year, the clean-up is a month-long effort that leaves us with one of the cleanest towns around.  You’ll see volunteers walking the roadways all month long collecting the winter’s accumulation of trash, and we also find big items such as tires, furniture, and appliances that are hauled away with the help of the Town’s trucks.  The river clean-up takes place on one Saturday during the month, but each year we leave behind more and more stretches of clean river.  While we encourage residents to police their neighborhood roads all year long, we still need volunteers for the big April push.  If you’d like to lend a hand anytime during the month, give us a call.   

Town-wide tag sale (annually in June)

With the good weather comes the sport of bargain hunting at tag sales, and TT has a great way to make sure your sale gets some visibility.  Consider advertising in the easiest way by placing an ad with your home’s location on our town map which we then sell on the day of the event for a small fee.  This type of town-wide sale is catching on in other towns around the area, and previous participants have told us how happy they are with the results.  Please call us if you’d like to get on the map.

Thompson Community Day (annually in September)

Riverside Park is the location for our Sunday afternoon event of family fun, complete with activities, food, local performers, and a chance to meet the various groups and businesses that are active in Thompson.  If you’d like to join the fun or set up a booth to get the word out about your own group or business, we welcome you to join us for the day.  If you’re interested in helping with planning or in volunteering for the day, we’d be very happy to have your help.  Please call us at the number above for more information.

If you have another good idea, we want to hear about it! 

Maybe we can help you bring it about.  Contact us.   

Please note that all funds raised by Thompson Together at any of our events go to the continued funding of all our events.

Thompson Together, Inc. is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 corporation.  All donations are tax-deductible.

First Selectman’s office
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Other resources:

  1. street signs - $14 to $24 each (order must be placed by certain authorized groups – officials, law enforcement, or recognized non-profits)
  2. home window decals 5" X 6" - $20 per 100


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